Our Story

We are simply passionate about food.

Born in the villages of Lebanon, the founders and operators of Naheda’s Choice bring to life the traditional dips and olives that were a part of everyday living in that part of the world. Ghassan and Naheda grew up in a family where food, its taste and quality were taken seriously especially during family events.


After years of having friends over during these events, they realised how much of a hunger (don’t mind the pun) there was for traditional dips and homemade sweets otherwise unknown in Australia.


Fast forward 15 Years, Naheda’s Choice is now a household name throughout Australian meals, whether it be for functions, lunch, dinner, supper or even just a late night snack on the couch with some crackers.

Naheda’s Choice aims to bring you the tastiest, zestiest, delicacies that are available. Finally, Naheda’s Choice is not a business, nor a manufacturer, rather it is a service that Ghassan and Naheda provide in order to bring the taste of traditional homestyle gourmet treats to your very tastebuds.

Classic Rose for Mum